I help campaigns, non-profits, and companies do stuff—tell their story, recruit volunteers, raise money, launch new products—online.

From 2011 to 2015, I worked in the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy, we worked to make it easier for citizens to interact with a massive federal bureaucracy:

  • I helped grow and run the 29 million user We the People petitions platform, responding to petitioners on some thorny issues—and some fun ones.
  • Launched the White House Tumblr, which helped reach young Americans (and resulted in some epic GIFs).
  • And wrote literally hundreds of messages to the White House’s four million subscriber email list, keeping Americans up to date on what the President and his administration were up to.

After that, I got to work with the very smart people at Precision Strategies, where I used some of the same tactics and strategies to help organizations get things done.

I grew up on a farm in Massachusetts, and did my undergrad at University of Rochester. I’m a recovering DJ.

Want to get in touch? Need your strategies digitized? Email me at contact@ezramechaber.com.